Our Experience

CentraForce Health’s products are rooted in two decades of Audience-Centric projects and data applications. By focusing on the needs, wants, desires and media of the Audience, CentraForce developed Audience Intelligence Platforms that produced measurable behavioral outcomes across purchasing and awareness cycles.

We have developed national, multi-market and local Audience Intelligence Platforms that drove major brand success within entertainment, technology, media, finance, retail, automotive and multiple public sectors. CentraForce perfected a proprietary process known for its ability to produce exceptionally accurate and in-depth profiles of populations within any selected geography.

These experiences in the Audience-Centric world allowed us to recognize a gap in the healthcare domain. While there are plenty of elements that can be known about a given patient-population (such as EHR, clinical, claims and billing data) there are many pieces of the pie that are unknowns. CentraForce Health’s intelligence solutions fill in those gaps by providing the health consumer perspective.

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