Our Team

Meet the people and faces behind Centraforce Health.

  • Jay Kleinman

    Chief Executive Officer

    A former Vice President with Conifer Health, Jay's expertise is in value-based care, population health and other healthcare services. His deep domain experience allows him find population-centric solutions that help clients, across healthcare modalities, meet their long term objectives.

  • Jon Pelzer

    Chief Innovation Officer

    A pioneer of combining media, behavioral sciences and response metrics research, Jon has spent the past 30 years developing new technologies to grow businesses. Jon has created groundbreaking healthcare analytic products that deliver unique population-centric intelligence.

  • Birgit Enstrom

    Chief Client Officer

    A passion and expertise in helping companies utilize data and information to significantly improve their marketing operations, has led Birgit to provide clients with the structure they need to develop their business.

  • Alex Diaz-Asper

    Chief Financial Officer

    Alex’s extensive experience in finance operations, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity provides him with the quick responsiveness and knowledge needed to help start-up companies reach their goals.

  • Ellen Pelzer

    Population Development Operations

    Ellen’s expertise in secondary data allows her to seamlessly oversee the process of linking together datasets to translate them into unique Population definitions for our clients.

  • Robb Williams

    Senior Vice President, Technology & Product Development

    Robb's technical savvy and understanding of the database development have allowed him to create experiences that engage both technical and non-technical teams with the dissemination of complex, multi-layered data.

  • Nathalie Smith

    Director, Automation & Product Operation

    Nathalie brings over 15 years experience in systems development to create analytical modules and applications for our clients.

  • Pauline Giordani

    Director of Operations

    Pauline’s deep experience in both traditional and interactive mediums allow her to seamlessly navigate the course for CentraForce Health. Her strong understanding of brand development and multichannel marketing ensure we never miss a connection with our target markets.

  • Claudia Contino

    Data Specialist and Support Desk Manager

    Claudia gathers and analyzes datasets for dashboard development. Her client support skills keep our ship running smoothly

  • Paul Sanchez

    Data Specialist

    Paul is an information expert who compiles and analyzes datasets at CentraForce Health for dashboard development.

  • Stephen Newman, M.D.

    Chairman of the Board

    Steve offers CentraForce Health the expertise and strategic advice they need within the healthcare market. Steve has over 20 years executive healthcare experience including serving at the Chief Operating Officer of Tenet Health System.

  • John Brady


    John serves of the board of CentraForce and provides the advice that he has spent the past two decades cultivating through founding, operating, investing in and advising a number of highly successful marketing services and communications companies.

  • Sara Fagen


    Sara is one of the nation’s leading political and issue strategists. She serves on the board of CentraForce Health, where she offers considerable insight and expertise in leveraging the full potential of technology and communications.