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Prealize Health Announces Acquisition of CentraForce Health's Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) IP

With this acquisition, Prealize Health now owns the industry’s most robust library of data and insights into individual patients’ and health plan members’ medical and social risk profiles.

Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ (CDoH) Transforms Clinical and Business Outcomes

Make healthcare decisions using facts, not anecdotes. CentraForce Health provides the only solution for next-generation SDoH, healthcare data, and insights needed to make strategic business and clinical decisions

In order to make the most informed strategic clinical and business decisions, you must answer these 4 mission critical questions

who is at risk

Who is at risk?



For what are they at risk?

Chronic Conditions
Rising Risk

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Why do they have these risks?

SDoh Measures

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What is the best way to engage them?

Preferred channels
Preferred messengers
Preferred messages

Close the Gaps in Your Data

You need to close the gap between the data you have and the data you need.

We provide the only complete set of healthcare insights.

  • Precondition
  • Attitudinal
  • Socio-behavioral
  • Socio-economic Insights
  • Future Utilization
  • Next-Generation SDoH

Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ (CDoH) are easy to Access, Enhance, Integrate, and Utilize

For Providers and Hospital Systems

For Payers and Health Plans

For Healthcare Consultants

Unrivaled Insights at Every Level

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Community Insights

Select a geography and understand the profile of an entire community.


Cohort Level

Select a population or cohort within a community and understand their health risks and behaviors.


Record Level

Choose to explore patients at an individual level for precision insights and care strategies.

Ready to Take Control of Your Outcomes?

If you’re not using advanced data and insights, you’re ignoring 40% of the factors that determine the cost of care. In order to improve patient and member health, you need to understand their behaviors and attitudes.

We provide the only complete set of attitudinal, socio-behavioral, and socio-economic insights for healthcare leaders.

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