Our Approach

Clinical data has known gaps. For years, health decision making has been based on clinical or “known” data. It’s what comes in on charts, EHRs or other software. Clinical data has been used to create interventions, manage care and reduce financial risk. However, clinical data misses many critical elements you won’t find anywhere else.

Understanding population-centric data is critical to creating value-based care and better decision making. It provides a deep perspective of healthcare consumers so that providers, payers, researchers and others in healthcare can make more informed decisions and close the gaps in unknown data.

CentraForce Health offers a new kind of intelligence. Our proprietary system equalizes a variety of disparate, locally sampled data sources to deliver more than 34,000 insights about any given local market population. These population centric insights fill in critical gaps essential to all types of healthcare decisions and integrated data platform solutions. For example, our data shines a light on how patient populations perceive relationships with physicians, which hospitals they prefer to use, the conditions for which they’re currently not seeking treatment and much more. The insights we produce include thousands of deep demographic, behavioral/attitudinal, health conditions, health and healthcare provider information.

It’s time to create better outcomes for populations and that begins with understanding populations’ disparities, needs, wants and preferences in health care. By combining the patient-population data with clinical data, providers, researchers and payers can now know all the things they need to know to succeed in all types of population centric outcomes.

Learn more about CentraForce Health’s PopulationCentric Intelligence Platform and see how we fill in the missing gaps for population and patient healthcare.