Our Intelligence

Deeper insights from deeper data.

Our insights engine is powered by our ability to equalize disparate data sources so they can function as one ecosystem. The data we integrate enables you to deeply understand, influence and manage your respective populations for greater success.

CentraForce Health uses respondent-level data across every U.S. market to create custom populations. Our sources are self-reported, fully PHI compliant and span thousands of measures. More than 15 million locally sampled respondents fuel this data engine, which is then projected onto a database of 230 million actual person/household records. The result is intelligence and insights that give you a unique perspective on how your patient populations live their lives far beyond the point of care.

Whether you’re interested in the overall health of a community you serve or understanding “Diabetic Males with a BMI above 25,” CentraForce Health’s Population Insights Engine has the data you need to increase your business success on interventions, improve patient engagement, and know your populations like never before.

Population Insights Engine

  • Locally sampled
  • Self-reported surveys (non-PHI)
  • Scalable to any geography
  • Aggregate & report on any combination of markets
  • 2 billion data points across 100,000+ measures
  • Current to the most recent quarter
  • Multiple licensed data sources
  • Consistent, representative, equalized
  • Built upon exclusive IP
  • 20 years of market validation