Our Experience

Deep Consumer Experience Brought to Healthcare
CentraForce Health’s experience with breakthrough population insights products comes from two decades of audience-centric projects and data applications.

CentraForce started by developing national, multi-market and local Audience Intelligence Platforms that succeeded in driving major brand success within the entertainment, technology, media, finance, retail, and automotive industries, as well as multiple public sectors. This experience allowed us to perfect a proprietary data analytics system known for its ability to produce exceptionally accurate and in-depth profiles of populations within any selected geography.

This deep dive into consumer audience-centric analytics also revealed an opportunity to fill a gap in the business of healthcare. Historically, there is plenty of data that can be known about a given patient population, such as EHR, clinical, claims, and billing data. However, those sets of data only tell a part of your population’s story. CentraForce Health’s socio-behavioral insights fill in critical gaps by providing a much more comprehensive health consumer perspective. You can now have the complete picture and make more effective decisions for your business success.