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Unique, Actionable Record-Level Insights and Risk Scores

CentraForce Health delivers actionable, data-driven insights by applying proprietary micro-analytics and algorithms that have been developed and tested over two decades of extensive usage.

Specifically Created For Healthcare Providers and Payers

CentraForce Health’s revolutionary data analytics engine combines health and consumer attitudinal, behavioral, communications, engagement, and socio-economic data.

By looking at all of these elements, our proprietary analytics technology can produce
exceptionally comprehensive, granular, and accurate engagement and risk scores and profiles of patients, members, and populations within any selected geography.

Our two decades of population-centric data experience form the foundation for the insights you need to gain a 360 degree view of patients and health system members. These unique data, risk scores and insights allow for more targeted deployment of both human and financial resources to simultaneously improve clinical outcomes and drive down the cost of care.

Without CentraForce technology, healthcare payers and providers are limited to only looking at EHR, clinical, claims, billing records and traditional, minimally-insightful social determinant data.

However, those sets of data only tell a part of your population’s story. Attitudinal, behavioral, communications, and engagement data are essential to the creation of powerful, outcome-changing insights.

CentraForce Health’s comprehensive insights fill in critical gaps left unaddressed by traditional social determinant data by providing more comprehensive record-level perspectives to answer the questions about what occurs during the approximately 4,000 hours between clinical visits. 

Accessing these previously unknowable insights allows providers to more deeply understand the behaviors that contribute to the onset of chronic diseases and reduce (or potentially prevent) them.

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CentraForce Health Values, Ethics and Privacy Policies

CentraForce Health is dedicated to helping our clients improve the quality of care of their patients and members, as well as improving the business performance of their organizations. We are patient and health plan member-centric with privacy being the foundation of everything we do.

Our data and insights are used by our clients and end users to improve quality of life and health and not to discriminate based on race, color, religion, economic status or pre-existing medical conditions.

Clients are not permitted to use our data for:

Purposes of determining adverse terms and conditions of or eligibility of an individual for employment, credit, healthcare treatment, insurance (including, but not limited to health insurance), or for any purpose for which a consumer report may be used under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Establishing, determining or in connection with, an individual’s eligibility for personal credit, insurance, employment or any other permissible purpose for which a consumer report may be used under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

For the purpose of taking “adverse action” against a consumer, as defined in the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B.


Our dedication to privacy is unconditional and enforced at every step in our production and delivery process.

Our source data and proprietary derivative dataset used in modeling are completely de-identified. Our modeled profiles at the community, county, zip code and record-level are all designed to be accurately representative of the populations being profiled and do not discriminate in any fashion. It is not technically possible to reverse engineer to individual persons or households from the data that we provide.

Without ever taking PHI out of our clients’ environments we are able to model and provide risk scores, engagement scores and the measures used to calculate our proprietary composites. We never know the identities of any of the patients we are profiling whether they are record-level, cohort level or community level projects.

Our technology and processing is secure and has passed HIPAA Security Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis by a credited third party review. A HIPAA Attestation Letter that certifies that all of our data products are outside of the bounds of HIPAA regulations is available upon request. Our visualizations are secured in our dedicated portal in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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