Our Experience

Unique, Actionable Record-Level Insights and Risk Scores
CentraForce Health delivers actionable data-driven insights by applying proprietary micro-analytics and algorithms that have been developed and tested over two decades of extensive usage.

Specifically created for healthcare providers and payers, CentraForce Health’s revolutionary data analytics engine combines health and consumer attitudinal, behavioral, communications, engagement and socio-economic data to produce exceptionally comprehensive, granular and accurate engagement and risk scores and profiles of patients, members, of and populations within any selected geography. Our two decades of population-centric data experience form the foundation for the insights you need to gain a 360 degree view of patients and health system members. These unique data, risk scores and insights allow for more targeted deployment of both human and financial resources to simultaneously improve clinical outcomes and drive down the cost of care.

Without CentraForce technology, healthcare payors and providers are limited to only looking at EHR, clinical, claims, billing records and traditional, minimally-insightful social determinant data. However, those sets of data only tell a part of your population’s story. Attitudinal, behavioral, communications and engagement data are essential to the creation of powerful, outcome-changing insights. CentraForce Health’s comprehensive insights fill in critical gaps left unaddressed by traditional social determinant data by providing more comprehensive record-level perspectives to answer the questions about what occurs during the approximately 4,000 hours between clinical visits. Accessing these previously unknowable insights allows providers to more deeply understand the behaviors that contribute to the onset of chronic diseases and reduce or potentially prevent them.