Our Team

Meet the people and faces behind Centraforce Health.

  • Stephen Newman, M.D.

    Executive Chairman and Chief Medical Officer

    Steve brings over 20 years of executive level healthcare management experience, including a recent role as Chief Operating Officer of Tenet Health System, to CentraForceHealth. In addition, his 15 years as a pediatric gastroenterologist provides a unique clinical perspective to the challenges payers face and how gaining insights into population health can make a positive difference in business and clinical outcomes.

  • John Brady


    John leads CentraForce Health with the experience and management skills gained from over two decades of starting, investing in, operating, advising, and guiding a number of highly successful analytics, software, and tech-enabled marketing services companies. He has a deep knowledge of and passion for the power of business analytics that energizes our team and our clients.

  • Jay Kleinman


    A former Vice President with Conifer Health, Jay brings deep expertise in value-based care, population health and related healthcare services. His knowledge and experience drives him to find population-centric solutions that help clients find new pathways to success. If you want to grow your business, regardless of what kind of healthcare business that is, start by talking with Jay.

  • Chris Geppi

    Vice President

    With more than a decade of healthcare IT, data, analytics and services-specific experience, Chris is an expert at recommending solutions and use cases for every level of the healthcare industry. This includes vast knowledge of commercial and Medicare Advantage payors, providers and self-funded employers/benefit consultants and how all constituents fit into the healthcare ecosystem. Chris has a robust understanding of the advantages of the latest population science applications to seamlessly assist in the transition into the next generation of data-driven decision making.

  • Jodi Hittell

    Vice President

    With over 27 years of experience working with healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, Jodi helps healthcare leaders develop partnership strategies, evaluate solutions, and build profitable relationships. Her proven expertise with healthcare analytics solutions was cultivated in her past roles with MedeAnalytics, iVantage Health Analytics, and IBM Watson Health. Jodi brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to the CentraForce Health team.

  • Jon Pelzer

    Chief Product Officer

    A pioneer in combining media, behavioral sciences and response-metrics research, Jon has spent the past 30 years developing purpose-driven, population-centric platforms utilizing locally-sampled and multi-source data on any defined population, cohort, or individual. Prior to shifting to the healthcare marketplace, Jon engineered platforms that helped businesses such as AT&T, Viacom, Comcast, Disney and General Motors Companies launch new products and grow their brand revenues

  • Alex Diaz-Asper

    Chief Financial Officer

    Alex’s extensive experience in finance operations, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity provides him with the quick responsiveness and knowledge needed to help start-up companies reach their goals.

  • Robb Williams

    Senior Vice President, Technology & Product Development

    Robb has more than 20 years of programming and engineering experience in database development, process automation, data analytics, and business intelligence platforms. His background and technical savvy help him create software that engage both technical and non-technical users in the dissemination of complex, multi-layered data.

  • Luke Vanaman

    Data Architect & Production Manager

    Luke's years of data analytics and programming experience help our team design solutions that target specific client needs. Working in each stage of the product pipeline, from development to support, he manages and develops sophisticated intelligence solutions.

  • Ellen Pelzer

    Population Development Operations

    Ellen’s expertise in secondary data allows her to seamlessly oversee the process of linking together datasets to translate them into unique Population definitions for our clients.

  • Pauline Giordani

    Vice President of Operations

    Pauline’s deep experience in both traditional and interactive mediums allow her to seamlessly navigate the course for CentraForce Health. Her strong understanding of product development and process ensure we are always on track.

  • Nicole Comey

    Client Service Manager

    Nicole’s extensive background in the client service and operations gives her the unique blend needed to manage CentraForce Health’s sales and marketing operations efforts as well as deliver an exceptional client experience.

  • Claudia Contino

    Data Support Manager

    Claudia wears a couple of critical client hats on our team. With her data analytics hat, she optimizes the powerful population insights for our clients by gathering and analyzing datasets for dashboard development. When working with clients, she uses her experience with our datasets to effectively communicate with our target audience and provide the helpful support they need.

  • Sara Fagen


    Sara is one of the nation’s leading political and issue strategists. She serves on the board of CentraForce Health, where she offers considerable insight and expertise in leveraging the full potential of technology and communications.