CFH Provider Brochure

CFH Provider Brochure

Clinical analytics deliver the what behind your patient populations but you need the why to create effective clinical processes, develop adherence-ready treatment plans and improve care quality.

CentraForce Health supplies the why through socio-behavioral insights which capture health status, lifestyle, behaviors, attitudes and communication preferences of the populations you serve in a few simple clicks.

CFH Payer Brochure

CFH Payer Brochure

Payers are challenged with keeping costs down and delivering membership services which satisfy regulatory requirements for both internal and external stakeholders.

To meet those challenges, payers need data which can overcome the vast, multifaceted inner-workings of large networks and deliver uncomplicated yet intelligent insights to make informed decisions. CentraForce Health brings clear actionable insights, geospatial mapping and BI tools to drill down into the populations you need to reach most.

CFH health IT Brochure

CFH Health IT Brochure

The healthcare field is bombarded with data companies and consultants that offer the same information. What do you offer that is different and better?

CentraForce Health’s proprietary health scores lets you help your clients build and better manage their business like never before.

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