New Member ROI Assessment

The annual task of evaluation and assessing new members can be incredibly resource consuming – both of time and finances. That’s why CentraForce Health’s New Member Assessment solution takes the burden off your staff by handling the responses to 750 questions for each new member. Additionally, the healthcare-specific insights identify new members with current conditions so you can prioritize preventative or interventional care and reduce future emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

The new member assessment calculator is designed to estimate the value you could save by using the New Member Assessment solution during the 2021 open enrollment season. The forms below calculate an ROI estimate for Medicare Advantage enrollment, but the same calculations could be applied to any insurance type. 

Just input the estimated number of new members you expect to receive during Open Enrollment, then add the cost savings you would experience if you prevented just one ER visit or hospital admission in each of four common chronic disease cohorts.

ROI Estimate Based on New Members with Current COPD

Current COPD

ROI Estimate Based on New Members with Current Cardiology

Current Cardiology

ROI Estimate Based on New Members with T2 Diabetes

Current T2 Diabetes

ROI Estimate Based on New Members with Current Behavioral Health

Current Behavioral Health

New Member Screens by Cohort

Cost Savings by Cohort

Grand Total Savings