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Achieve Health Equity for Your Patients or Members

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Give everyone in your care the opportunity to achieve their highest level of health by understanding the individual’s and household profile, economic stability, demographics, neighborhood, safety and social context. Our all-new offering delivers the insights you need to improve health equity for your patients or members.

For the first time we are making available this unique dataset which allows providers and payers to not only identify health equity differences in their patients or members but also understand and take action to address these issues.

Core Insights for Health Equity leverages 58 health equity insights combined at the individual and neighborhood level. Now providers and payers can finally put together the whole patient picture. 

28 Individual-Level Core Socioeconomic Insights

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16 Individual or Household Profiles
6 Socioeconomic Status
6 Ethnographics

30 Neighborhood-Level Core Socioeconomic Insights

5 Economic Stability Risks
5 Community, Safety & Social Context
4 Food Risks
4 Education Risks
5 Neighborhood & Physical Environment Risks
7 Access to Healthcare Services Risks
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Supercharge Your Service Line Expansion Plans

Know your market. Know your opportunity.

Growing service line market share can be a risky investment which is why you need powerful, actionable data to understand where to best direct your time and resources. Core Insights for Service Line Expansion helps you accurately identify high value opportunities by allowing you to analyze cohorts, map existing physician and facility networks, and understand how members prefer to learn about your services.

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1. Choose your target cohort
Let CentraForce Health create the specific cohorts you need to strategically grow your business. Build your cohort based on payer, gender, age, ethnicity, and disease type. You’ll be ready to create a focused strategy directly aligned to your cohort.
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2. Clearly see where your businesses are in relation to your target

Using your facility locations, CentraForce Health delivers a geographic map of where your present and potential target cohort lives compared to where your facilities are located.

  • Consider possible market expansion
  • Identify existing physician and facility networks
  • Target new physicians and facilities for network inclusion
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3. Understand how your current and potential target prefers to use and receive media

Connect with your cohorts within the mediums they know and trust with cohort level insights for 26 engagement healthcare specific scores.

  • Trusted messengers of health care information
  • Preferred direct channels such as texting, mobile, email, direct mail, local collateral
  • Preferred broad media channels such as radio, television, websites, outdoor, print
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Unlock the right media for your patients to decrease missed appointments, launch new services, and increase adherence.

One of the most challenging components of the healthcare equation can be optimizing engagement and communication to your patients and members. CentraForce Health can help you understand which communication channels your patient or member trusts to receive relevant health messages and, most importantly, will be most likely to lead them to take a desired action.

Healthcare Engagement and Communication Simplified
CentraForce Health makes it easy to create customized health communication plans by offering individual level insights across 26 specific engagement scores.

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1. Know who’s trusted.
Identify trusted messengers of healthcare communications. Whether your patients view physicians or coordinators as the most trusted source of healthcare information, you’ll know who patients want to turn to for reliable healthcare insight.
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2. Identify direct channels of engagement.
Engage directly with your patients across their preferred communication channels. From texting messages to direct mail or email, you’ll know where to send messaging that optimally activates your patients and members.
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3. Uncover broad communication opportunities.
Create stratified rosters of individuals that are most likely to value and act upon a message of your choice.

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