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CentraForce Health provides a proprietary comprehensive array of data and insights on patient behaviors, attitudes and propensities that are the biggest influenceable factors in determining clinical outcomes and the cost of care.

Companies providing health IT, analytics and consulting services are beginning to appreciate the value of socio-behavioral and attitudinal data and insights to complement and strengthen the retrospective, empiric data incorporated in your offerings. Recently, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) have become top-of-mind for many everyone in the healthcare industry.

Standard SDoH provides interesting context, but is only marginally actionable. A health record and claims data combined with traditional SDoH data only gives you half of what your clients need to know to manage patients and impact the total cost of care.

Our Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ scale beyond traditional Social Determinants of Health to provide socio-behavioral and social determinants, health behaviors and attitudes, utilization and communication channel preferences — information you can’t get anywhere else.

Next-generation SDoH and Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ uncover the answers you need to effectively manage patients, drive revenue, and develop stronger products.

Unique, Powerful Data and Insights

proprietary scores

Proprietary Scores

From precise community profiles to easily actionable record-level insights, our proprietary Comprehensive Determinants of HealthTM (CDoH) and Engagement Scores are used to improve clinical and business performance, increase patient engagement and make informed strategic decisions.

If your payer and provider clients could benefit from these insights, the data feeds from CentraForce Health are the exclusive option to enhance your services. This proprietary data can be integrated into your systems using raw data, visualizations, and use case based solutions.

Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Manage care, intervene proactively, and provide continuity of care.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Profile potential patients, drive value- based care, and discover market insights.

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