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Improve Clinical and Business Outcomes With CentraForce Health Intelligence Platform

Population-centric data is quickly becoming the most valuable tool for health systems and individual providers. Recently, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) have become top-of-mind for everyone in the healthcare industry. However, a traditional health record combined with SDoH data only gives you half of what you need to know to manage patients and impact the total cost of care.

CentraForce Health offers a new kind of intelligence based on the Comprehensive Determinants of Health (CDoH), next-generation SDoH insights and much more. Our proprietary system equalizes a variety of disparate, locally sampled data sources to deliver healthcare insights about any given local market population.

These insights for providers are packaged in easy-to-use, actionable solution bundles:

Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Manage care, intervene proactively, and provide continuity of care.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Profile potential patients, drive value- based care, and discover market insights.

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Get transformational insights that change the way you care for patients and run your business.

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